Terry Ann weighs in on Lead Your Team To Win – 5 stars

A new review of my book – Lead Your Team To Win – was posted on Amazon today. See below Terry Ann Wilson gives Lead Your Team To Win – 5 Stars

I purchased this book as I was intrigued by the questions posed to readers in the synopsis. I was keen to find out the author’s approach on bringing out the best of your team, not to mention I was curious about the Safe Space approach. I wanted to find out more about it and how it worked.

I have been going through the book slowly in order to make my notes and fully extract the points from each chapter.

It has been easy to read and easy to follow from chapter to chapter. The author has been able to capture her ideas and experiences and transfer these so that the reader is able to extract them. The author provides a conclusion at the end of each chapter so as to summarise the thoughts discussed throughout which helps to crystalise the learnings from it.

It is clear that the author is genuinely interested in the development of people and provides clear guidance on how to do this through the various experiences related with her team. She does not advocate micro managing people but states the value of follow up to bringing about success.

I particularly enjoyed reading the chapter on Decision Making as it highlighted that we as leaders are the reason why our team members are incapable of making decisions

The author carefully articulates people need “to feel safe so that they can speak, question, state concerns and challenge the status quo”, in order to give off their best; they should be treated with respect. As leaders we need to provide that environment of trust and communication

Whilst there are some aspects of the author’s approach you may not agree with, overall it is an excellent book and one which will have you examining yourself, the way you do things and how you can make changes for improvement.

There are parts of the book which left me shaking my head in agreement or reflecting on some action I had taken in the past and how I can improve for the future.

I would recommend this book not only to anyone who leads teams and is seeking to bring out the best in their team but to anyone who has to manage or work with people.

I have since purchased two additional books to share with my teams leaders
As posted on Amazon by Terry Ann Wilson.

Did you read the book yet? If so can you post a review on Amazon. Thanks!


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