Next 28 days

I am in a space of reflection. I am thinking about my next move, what should I do now? What do I want to do for the year end? How do I want to complete the year? I started off the year with ambitions of being. I said that I was not going to plan I was just going to be in the moment and see what happens next. That had limited success, since I ran away with planning trips, book launches, and life in general.
Then I said that I wanted to be joyous and I wanted to do things with joy. I was definitely happier for the year, but I did not always perform with joy. I did things out of desire to get things done, to reap a reward, to follow through on a commitment, and often in the spirit of getting it done I did not focus on the joy.
I said that this year I want to focus on resting. I had no choice in this one, as I increased my activity levels and exercised more I had to rest to recover. I was forced by my physical ambitions to slow down the pace and rest. The value of resting came only after I pushed myself to the extreme. From that I learned that resting is a reward for achieving something.
I was practicing awareness and thought that I got it, only to realize that it is one of those cliche journey experiences with no destination. I cannot reach nth level of awareness – it’s something that I have to keep practicing.
It’s obvious what I am going to do for the next 28 days of the year. I am going to be (no planning). I am going to act with joy. I am going to rest and relax and stay in awareness.
What are you going to do?


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