Leah gives Lead Your Team To Win 5 Stars

Anyone who has been in a leadership role knows that it is a journey of self-exploration as much as it one how to positively influence others to action. In ‘Lead your team to win’, Maxine Attong shares her own leadership journey with us and the result is an option for other leaders on how to steer their teams so that each performer is fulfilled in the workplace. Chapter by chapter Maxine guides you through the steps to take to develop and grow the two most critical success factors for team success: Trust and Communication.

As a performance improvement consultant, I am always looking for new tools to support my clients’ goals and the Safe Space can definitely be one of those tools. I don’t think that there is one management tool that will work for everyone, but I do think that leaders need options. They need to find a style that resonates with them and their organization and that gets results for them and their team. This book shows leaders that all this is possible if they are willing to be open, honest and workplace focused.
Leah De Souza

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