Runner’s Envy

This evening’s drive home was an annoying experience. I have never noticed how many people take an evening run. From every direction I was confronted by sneakered folks running along the streets and green areas. There were three grey headed people, a couple cutely running together, and the trios, quartets and larger groups of runners.
As I drove past them my mood got getting fouler and fouler. I was mad and obviously envious. Why are they running and I cannot? Why do they get to run? Why am I the injured party?
As I named the source of my ill mood, I remembered the adage that envy signals that we want what the other person has.
I know that when I am envious of someone’s achievements, possessions or attributes I have a few choices. I either accept that I don’t or won’t have it and let it go, or do something to get what I want or do nothing and stay envious.
I realized this evening that though I made contact with the MRI center I have not scheduled an appointment for the MRI. I have been stalling. That changes tomorrow. As soon as that office opens tomorrow morning I will confirm an appointment before the end of the year. Seeing the runners today told me that it is time to start my healing process so that by March 2015 I can be back out running with all the other runners.
Today my envy motivated me to action.

What are you envious about? What are you going to do about it?


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