I got the joy

Today I woke up in a startlingly happy mood. I did not even have coffee and I was buzzing The first note that I sent out this morning was greeted with the reply “Wow, you are in a great mood.”
Throughout the day, it continued. I was just happy, I could feel it. It was tangible, palpable and alive.
This was a strange feeling for me. To experience pure joy on waking up, and to sustain it through the day, especially when there was no stimuli was involved. No party, no one next to me, no gifts, no alcohol, no drugs or other stimuli, no change of routine; yet there I was experiencing a moment of bliss and pure joy.
Throughout the day the feeling kept me company, just below the surface. Nothing grand happened today but I engaged in conversations when I normally would not. I hugged someone who resigned, and I was generally more present and aware of the people around me. I got involved in chats and engaged in light, playful banter and at times I was playful and even mischievous. All my exchanges were done in good taste, all in a spirit of lightness, all with a freedom from repercussion.
Even now as the day is winding down, I am still in this tangible, palpable good mood. The feeling stayed with me for the day and I can still feel it.
I started the year 2014, with questions about joy. How to find it? What it feels like? Now 16 days before the end of the year I experienced it. It is an amazing experience and I want more.
Now I am curious. I want to see how long the mood lasts and how long it will feel like this. For a moment today I thought about examining this fully so that I could understand the triggers for the feeling, thinking that maybe I could flip the switch whenever I needed to. My joy determined that was not a good strategy. Instead, I am riding this wave of joy, enjoying the feeling of it and when it lands I will be right there to see what happens next.

Have you ever experienced Joy? What triggered it for you?


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