How to create a Safe space for your prospects and clients

Today I chatted for 21 minutes with Connie Kadansky, a sales reluctance coach who helps salespeople get their “ask”in gear.
She hosts a podcast and today I was her first international guest. Click on the link below, right below this sentence, to listen to the entire interview.

Maxine Attong chats with Connie Kadansky on how salespersons can create a safe space

This is a quick preview of the questions and answers.
Tell us about the safe space and how it generates optimal performance?
It is in the space where we challenge ourselves and take risks that optimal performance lies.

How can a sales person use the safe space with the client?
Safe space promotes the creation of a relationship.

How does the client benefit from the safe space?
Client is going for clarity, what they want and why they want it. I need to show them why what I am selling is what they want.

How does the sales person benefit from the safe space?
The sales person is the leader in the relationship. They need to take charge of a new type of relationship built on trust. They can create a new dynamic and construct a new reality.

What is the core mindset that the sales person needs to embrace?
Showing up all the time at as an honest person. The partner of honesty is trust. The sales person needs to show up every day being consistently honest and consistently trustworthy.

Tell us about the core motive
Motive is a good place to check where we are coming from in relation to others.

How is the safety of the space, once created, maintained?
There is nothing fuzzy about the safe space. The rules maintain the space.

How can the listeners learn more about the safe space?
Buy the book on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble

Chronic Liars – Aren’t they flushed out pretty early?
We need to ask ourselves “Do I want to be in relation with this person?”

Talk to me about my situation. Am I being judgemental?
Trust your gut. You had an experience, you had a reaction what does it tell you.

As a keynote speaker describe your best audience?
People who are leaders or aspiring to be.

Do you have any questions about the safe space?


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