To my coaching clients – I am grateful

I have often been a coachee – a coaching client – as I looked for ways to change some aspect of my life or get something done, or just needed some space to think. Whenever I sign up for coaching sessions, the first session is always the most difficult. Even when I am familiar with the coach it takes a few sessions for me to warm up and to trust that this relationship will work for me. I have often wondered “How effective is this coach? What can she do for me? Does this even work?”
Now that I am a coach, I remind myself of the uncertainty that the client must feel as they enter into a coaching relationship with me.
As a result, when clients are in front of me I am awed at their bravery, stunned by their openness and admire their courage in reaching out to me. I am also humbled by their willingness to sit in the hot spot and examine their life choices and the honesty to admit to what is keeping them back.
My clients have taught me the true meaning of intimacy – into you I see – as they show me themselves, and let me in behind the veil, to the truth of the person and to what lies beneath. It is a rare privilege to be allowed a front row seat to another’s life, behind the public face to the very essence of them. I have mixed emotions of honor and humility as they strip to their core and lay themselves open and bare, vulnerable and exposed in front of me.
I am grateful for my clients, because they show me what connection really means and what it feels like to be connected. I feel the connection on my skin when my hair stands or my pores raise as they express themselves. I feel the connection when my body mimics their movements, and my emotions range with theirs. I feel the connection when the air between us goes silent, and a dropped pin will deafen us. I feel it when the air between us becomes tangible and no one wants to be the first to cut it. When I hear the client’s brain click when they are on to something and see the “Ah Ha” form in their heads just before it spills out of their mouths, I am connected. When the question feels right as soon as it leaves my mouth I know that I have connected.
Clients remind me of my humanity, the beauty of it, its transience, and its frailty. They display for me the power of human connection and remind me that we are infinitely wise with the amazing ability to change our futures. Most importantly clients reaffirm for me my purpose – to enhance the lives of all with whom I make contact.
Thanks to all my coaching clients, you have given me so much.


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