Barbie Princess Mermaid Doll

Tonight, three nights before Christmas, I am thinking of my niece who turned four in December. In November when asked what she wanted for her birthday she recited, “A Barbie Princess Mermaid Doll”. When she did not get the doll for her birthday she was not disappointed. She happily blew out her candles, ate her cake and gleefully opened her presents and loved them all.
When asked “What do you want for Christmas?” or “What do you want from Santa?”, her response was the same “A Barbie Princess Mermaid Doll”.
My niece demonstrated perfectly how to ask for what you want and how to get what you want. She has no purchasing power, but she exercised her choice and decided that of all the toys in the world she wanted this particular Barbie Doll. Regardless of what she saw on television or in the toy stores she stuck to her guns. The Barbie Princess Mermaid doll was the only doll in the world and the only toy that she wanted.
She told everyone that this is what she wanted for her birthday and when that did not pan out, she did not give up. She is holding out for it from Santa or anyone else for Christmas. Whomever asks she is consistent with her answer. Her little heart is constant and she is determined to have the doll. How could I not get it for her?

What do you want most of all this Christmas? Whom are you going to ask for help?

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