The Best Part of Christmas

When asked what was the best part of Christmas, my niece joyfully said, “Getting my Barbie Princess Mermaid Doll.”
Santa did not place the doll below the tree. He brought her other gifts, which she graciously received and played with, but she could not mask her disappointment. She turned to her granny and said, “Granny, why didn’t Santa bring me a Barbie Princess Mermaid Doll, when that was all that I wanted? “
He grandmother responded, “Those are just the gifts from Santa. You have many other gifts below the tree.”
She felt comforted and relieved by her granny’s assurance and patiently waited to open her other gifts. When she opened my gift as saw Barbie, she was overjoyed. She hugged me tightly, kissed me and thanked me. She spent the rest of the day playing with Barbie and all her other toys.
My niece reinforced for me
Be clear on what you want
Do not be afraid to ask for what you want
Tell the people who can help you what you want
Be consistent about what you want
Accept all gifts that you receive with grace
Hold out hope for what you want
Celebrate when you get what you want

These are the lessons that I am holding on to in 2015

What lessons did Christmas 2014 bring for you? Tell me about it.


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