It makes all the difference – 5 Star Review from Francis

Francis Wade – a productivity expert and an author weighs in on Lead Your Team To Win and gives it 5 STARS. See his review on Amazon
I enjoyed this book immensely for its authenticity and honesty.

At first, the idea of creating a safe space within a working team or department may seem like a pipe-dream or a play on words. However, the author uses her own experiences as a manager as the laboratory and this is where it excels.

Other books in this genre focus on giving pithy advice but Maxine shares lessons learned on the field, with real people, in actual conversations i.e. where it counts. In this sense, it’s a combination of memoir and business advice book that most professionals just don’t have the courage to write.

This makes for difficult reading at times… be prepared to hear about meetings that didn’t go well, people who left the company and awkward moments that are embarrassing and hard to bear, even second hand. But that’s the cost managers pay when they commit to create a safe space for their employees – it’s a road less traveled. And just as you’d expect, it’s the one that makes all the difference.
Francis Wade

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