Open hand

Sometimes opportunity knocks and I have to answer. This one has been a low rattle that grew to a shrill crescendo demanding my attention and demanding it now.
I know that the opportunity is a good fit for me. I can feel it in my bones, I feel it in the stillness inside me that shouts – “You are going to do so well”. I know that it will be challenging but I am committed to success.
To pick up an object I open my hand then clench the object. It’s the way that it works. To take up the new opportunity I have to relinquish my current position.
I am not leaving because things are bad where I am, it’s just part of the mechanics of picking up something new.
In case you are wondering I am in transition. I was offered an incredible opportunity and to accept it I have to resign my current portfolio.
I am leaving for the opportunity, a new challenge that casts no aspersions on the present.
My current job is great, I like it, I like the people and most of them like me. I feel that I add value on a daily basis. During my tenure I have learned a lot, done a lot, taken a lot and given a lot. Sure I have more to give and more to learn but opportunity calls and it is calling now.
Going somewhere new does not say that anything is wrong with the status quo. It is just about opportunity. An opportunity opened up and I am following to see where it leads.

What opportunity is calling you? What do you have to relinquish to pick it up?


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