A bit of a stretch

I am less than five feet six inches tall, so when I go to the grocery and all the stuff at the front of the shelf is gone I have to perform a few antics to get to the stuff at the back of the shelf. My arms don’t reach. It’s probably something that the grocery does not think about.
Grocery shelves are designed at 72 to 84 inches in height with depths ranging from 18 to 24 inches. This means that a shelf is at least six inches taller than I am and my reach takes me almost, but not quite, to the back of the shelf.
It’s not hard to imagine that if the stuff that I want is at the back of the highest shelf then it it’s both an upward and a horizontal stretch that is required.
Today at the grocery I was faced with such a challenge. The yogurt that I wanted was at the back of the shelf. I took one look at its placement and I thought of how I was going to get at it. I thought of jumping or using something to pull the yogurts closer and then I saw him. Further down the aisle a man who was a lot taller than I, was also shopping. I approached him and said, “Hi can you help me.” He smiled so I was encouraged to go on, “Can you reach some yogurts at the back of the shelf for me?”
“Sure,” he responded. He followed me back to where the yogurts languished, checked the flavors I wanted and grabbed a few. I thanked him and he went back to his shopping and I progressed with mine.
As I drove home I thought about how often I have been in that grocery, performing potentially ligament tearing stretches to reach what I wanted when all along I could have just asked someone for help.

When last did you ask for help?


3 thoughts on “A bit of a stretch

  1. Not more than a couple of weeks ago – I used the same line I’ve used for many years with a huge smile:

    “Good afternoon, excuse me – may I borrow your height please?”

    p.s. I am 5′ 3″


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