Three Travel must haves

As I packed my bags she watched me. She walked over just to the edge of the suitcase and peered inside to see what I was packing. When I was finished she made her assessment. “I have something for you.” She ran inside her bedroom and brought out her grandmother’s robe. “Take this,” she offered, “so you can be comfortable.” Her mother intervened, “That belongs to your grandmother, and you need to return it to her.” Undeterred she returned to her room, and brought a purple stuffed animal that folded into a pillow. “Take my pillow,” she offered, “So you will be comfortable.” I thanked her and she placed the pillow inside the suitcase.
She danced around a bit, then said, ” You need something pretty.” She returned to her room and brought me a little bracelet that she made over the holidays and placed it on my wrist. She then commanded that I take it off and placed it in a beautiful mirrored jewelry box. This she put in my purse.
“One more thing,” she sang. This time she offered a trophy with some pink hooks hanging from the handles. “What’s that for?” I asked. She shrugged, “It’s just a trophy for you. You know, a prize” This she placed in my suitcase and stood by for me to zip it up.
Her gifts to me are what I will treasure and remember about the trip. I will always ensure that when I am traveling that I pack something comfortable, something pretty and remind myself that I am a prize.

2 thoughts on “Three Travel must haves

  1. That’s the beauty of a four year old. Generosity, kindness, taking care of others. She is a beautiful child and wise beyond her years. I learn from her daily,


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