Doing Nothing

I have been on vacation for almost a month. I travelled to Cape Town, enjoyed the city and left my old routine behind. To spend a month doing nothing, has been a novel experience for me. I did not run, write, exercise or any of the things that I am wont to do. Instead I did sight seeing, drank wines, ate food and rested.
I have been back home for almost a week and I have been reluctant to reboot. I remain unplugged to a routine and have been at home doing the minimum.
I know that it will soon be over. In five days time, I will return to a scheduled and disciplined life that includes daily writing, exercise, watching my consumption, working and all the other regular activities that keep me on keel.
While I look forward to returning to the routine I know that I will miss this space of doing nothing, and the rest that it offered.
In the do nothing space I have been reluctant to write. Writing heralds the first return to normalcy, the return to discipline and diligence and a commitment to living the life that I choose. When I write I cannot pretend that doing nothing is my normal and I have to account to myself for the the choices that I make.
I know in my bones that it is time. Time to pick up the life and pack away the extended down time, reminding myself that on a weekly and daily basis I can build down time into my schedule.
So with this blog I herald the return to activity and all of the challenges that life has to offer. It was so great to step away, to step off the treadmill, and to stop and have another slower existence. It was a great time to suspend thoughts, to be in the moment and to go with the flow. I know that my down time gave me a lot of food for thought and now I will begin to process it and glean the gems from it.
Even as I deliberately slow down my return and hope to delay getting to full speed I commit to take moments of complete down time and in those moments do absolutely nothing.
When was your last vacation? When do you do nothing?

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