Pass me straight

When I told my girlfriend that I saw her ex at breakfast yesterday,she asked.” Did he say Hello?”
“No” I responded, “and that’s OK.”
When I was younger and someone whom I casually knew did not acknowledge my presence I used to feel annoyed. Being ignored by girls with whom I attended high school used to bug me out, almost as much as being reintroduced to people who appeared clueless that they met me before.
Yesterday, I realised that I had no feeling attached to a lack of acknowledgement by someone whom I casually know. In the moment, the warmth of a smile, a peck on the cheek, a quick hug or a hello from someone, all feel good, but after that…what?
Am I keeping that person in my thoughts?
Am I going to visit with them?
Will I ask after their well being?
Sometimes I don’t even know if they are married, have kids, where they work, what they do or any other personal details, and I don’t try to find out.
When I look through these lens I wonder. Does my girlfriend’s ex have to acknowledge me? Does anyone have to acknowledge me?
Now I know that it’s OK for people to pass me straight, to not acknowledge my presence and to not remember me at a party. It is a reflection that we share no mutual interest and while our paths may cross we are not connected. And that is perfectly OK with me.

Whom do you acknowledge?

2 thoughts on “Pass me straight

  1. Love this piece , I felt the same way running in to people who I went to school with sat in the same class for five years and it is like Who are you again. People never stop to amaze me.


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