I am Majestic

Imagine being driven along a well paved road,and hearing a rustle in the bush. When you look, you see an elephant breaking tree branches with its trunk and stuffing them in its mouth. The elephant is less than 10 yards from the car; it is right at the side of the road. While looking at the elephant you notice more movement some yards back, you hold your breath and count 15 other elephants thrashing around in the bush.
Think about driving along a dirt road and noticing that the cars in front of you are turning around at more or less the same spot – there is an obstacle in the road. When you get to the top of the line you see that the road is impassable because four lionesses are lolling off in the middle of the road, while a male a lion paces around them.
Those were two of my many amazing Kruger Park moments that reminded me of my place in the natural order of the world for regardless of what I do, regardless of what I achieve I will not be able to move a lion or stop a herd of elephants.
I left the Park with great humility and a deep understanding that I am but a small piece of the large puzzle of the wonder filled Universe. I left the Park jubilant, knowing that like the animals I could just do my thing, just be me and that was enough. I left Kruger knowing that it is my birthright and part of the natural order for me to be majestic.

What reminds you that you are majestic?

P.S: I have a lot more thoughts from my safari experience and as they are relevant, I will share them with you.

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