In My Underwear

In my house, there was a big book of fanciful stuff, from which I learnt to interpret dreams, read palms and that if a fork falls a lady calls.
When any of us kids had a dream, we rushed to that book the morning after, to see what the dream held for us. From these experiences I learned that most dreams were really our subconscious talking to us when we were quiet enough to listen.
I am not a regular dreamer; I don’t regularly remember dreams. So when I awake with the details of a dream playing out in my head, I pay attention and check out the meaning of the dream. The big wonder-filled book is long gone, but the amazing invisible web has all the interpretations on multiple sites to assist me decipher what what myself said to myself while I was sleeping.
I dreamt that I was in my underwear at work. While I sat crouched in a corner my colleagues worked as normal, not noticing that I was trying to be invisible. Up came a beauty queen, who knelt beside me and said “Why are you hiding? You are in your underwear, no one else is, so wear it proudly.”
Her message emboldened me. I moved from the corner and sat at a lunch bench. As everyone around me continued chatting I grew more comfortable. Eventually a woman who looked like a cat sat beside me and shared that her husband was writing a book about …cats.
In the morning I checked the dream sites and read:
“If you feel ashamed of being seen in your underwear, then it indicates your hesitance in revealing your true feelings, attitudes, and other hidden habits/ideas. If you are not bothered by being in your underwear, then it suggests that you are ready to reveal or expose something that was previously hidden.
That made absolute sense to me and reflects exactly where I am at this time. I started off the year not wanting to reveal my true feelings, crouched over, hiding how I feel. I have been practicing my heart speak, showing my true self off and I feel less and less exposed the more and more that I do it. I am getting more comfortable with talking from the heart.
I interpret my dream as a message of encouragement from my subconscious, spurring me on to keep showing my true self and keep exposing how I honestly feel. In doing so I will find beauty.
As for the cat woman – I need to take all of this with a bucket of salt and have a sense of humor about it.

What did you dream?

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