Pat Buckley – 5 stars for Lead Your Team to Win

This is Pat Buckley’s review of my book “Lead Your Team To Win”. See other rave reviews on IF you read the book, please put your thoughts on Amazon.

Maxine Attong promotes the use of “safe spaces” to “Lead Your Team to Win.” A “safe space” is a place where people feel free to express their problems, ideas, and creative thoughts in confidence with no recourse. Maxine shows how the creation of such spaces has had a positive effect in her organization. It has led to success for all: herself, her employees and her organization. She has learned to become a better listener, the employees have learned to divest themselves of their problems and get on with their work, and the firm has become a happier place to work.
Maxine derived many of her thoughts from the works of contemporary executive and life coaches. She relates how “safe spaces” fit into a world that has problem employees, organizational change, and internal corporate politics. Overall, “Lead Your Team To Win” is written in a clear and positive style, even in the few paragraphs that contain information on employees who do not “fit in” and perhaps will do better somewhere else.

How can you make your organisation and safe space?


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