Loving Connections

On Sunday I met a friend for coffee. I started the commitment of connecting with the people whom I like late last year and now, I have renewed the practice. It’s never about the coffee, nor about going out, it is about sharing time and space with someone whom I like.
Thus far, I have been going out with women; on Sunday I hooked up with one of the men that I like.
I listened to him as intently as he did to me. I shared with him honestly and spoke from my heart and in between we had long moments of comfortable silence. After two hours I felt that we should have carved out more time to spend together. He later confirmed that he felt the same way.
This was not a love connection, it was a loving connection between one man and one woman.
I thought about all of us single women and wondered how do we connect with men? There are so many men who are available for us to love in a true way and yet we close off the possibilities because we want the love connection while ignoring our need for loving connections with men.
What would it be like if we had men who we don’t sleep with in our lives? (Not only the work husband who we have lunch with and goof off with in the office or the ones with whom we grew up.)
What would it be like if we could just be completely safe in their presence?
What would it be like if we could develop true friendship that stays with us even when either party meets his/her significant other?
What would it be like if we could be lovingly connected to members of the opposite sex as we are with those of the same sex?

How do you connect with members of the opposite sex?

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