An Ode to AND Rebooted

I am reminded today that I need to show up – in the realm of impossibility.
I work a full time demanding job and I write books. That is the life that I have created and that is the life that I want.  And I have a social life. I like to go out and chat with friends for countless hours, look at movies and I have to maintain an exercise schedule that keeps me in relative good health so that I can do all of the above. People ask,”How do you do it? How do you write books and work full time? I really thought that you were doing your own thing.” 
The answer is that I love the word AND. We learned that AND is a conjunction that joins two sentences together. It also joins thoughts, dreams, options and gives us the ability to coexist in multiple realities. BUT is also a conjunction, used to express concerns and to tell ourselves that there are limiting factors to getting to what we want.  “I want to go back to school but my kids are young.”  We have just negated the fact that we want to go back to school. We believe that having young kids makes it impossible to return to school. There is no solution, the problem trumps the desire. BUT strips away our power.
I have taken the word BUT out of my vocabulary and replaced it with AND. “I want to go back to schools and my kids are young.” AND sets up the possibility to increase our options. The fact that the kids are young becomes one more variable in the going back to school equation and not a stop sign. Now we are thinking about possibility. “Hmm how do I get the kids taken care of while I get to school?”
That is my story. I embrace AND I leave out the BUT. I am an author. I have published two books – Change or Die and Lead Your Team to Win – and I have some thoughts for my third book, and I work a full time job with heavy responsibilities and I want to do more public speaking, and I am a coach and I want to do more work with women and I have a life.

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