Ugly Truth From Talking Heads

Today as I read the denigrating statements I wondered, “Who hurt you? Who hurt you so badly that you can spew this ugliness?”
When our world is ugly we see everything as ugly. Ugly becomes our normal and it is easy to justify. We truthfully say that we are speaking our minds, which is honest, for there is no heart in the statements.
When our ugly meets our head truth we cannot be sorry, because we aren’t. To apologize or to say sorry we have to feel remorse for what we have done or to empathize or sympathise with the people we have offended. Our minds know nothing of these emotions for they are matters for the heart. The mind is uneasy with emotion and deflects any feelings by making jokes, giving half – assed and false apologies, knowing all the while that it is pulling a fast one.
In this space of deflection and numbing our feelings the mind leads us to a deeper, darker place where we need to do and say worse things. We blur what was originally said, shifting the truth, creating new bits of ugly in attempts to counter. We go to lengths to show that we were right, unaware that we are showing more of our ugly and more of our hurt.
It was painful to read about this talking head which is severely truncated from its heart. It was sad to see its hurt and its ugliness on public display.
Today I joined my friend in sending blessings to the hurt head, asking that it reconnect with its heart so that its healing could begin.

What ugly truths are you sharing? Why are you sharing them?


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