Rekindled love

I am a Certified Management Accountant, though accounting is no longer my profession. I traded in my love of numbers for the love of words, my need for certainty for a growing curiosity and my need to be accurate for a willingness to be wrong.
Accounting came naturally to me. When there is a debit transaction, there must be one or more credit transactions to balance, and vice versa. That is always true and never changes. There is no magic, no mystery. It is all pure logic, pure reason and if at first you don’t succeed keep trying and you will get it right.
When my world was disordered; accounting, this safe secure profession with well defined rules, provided control and predictability. I was certain that every time I did x I would get y.
The profession served me until I needed to breathe, to question and to explore. When I no longer needed safety and wanted to know what else existed, the order suffocated me and drained life from me. The more that I craved writing, and the more that I needed to express myself the heavier a burden accounting became. Until the day that I stepped over the edge, away from its certainty, and light as a feather I flew into the unknown.
I knew then that my life as an accountant was over; and just as an accountant would, I sat and made a plan.
Fast forward years later, I have learned to love my profession again. I no longer need it for sanity or balance and most importantly I no longer work as an accountant. I see its legacy in the way that I solve problems, the way that I approach a client, the way that I write reports, the way that I structure an agenda for a workshop and even at times how I coach a client to awareness.
Even as I use my accounting skills in different ways, I still find joy in going back to the basics of accounting when I help small business owners to understand their businesses. I acknowledge now that accounting is another way that I can enhance the lives of people with whom I make contact.
Today I affirm that I am a Certified Management Accountant.

What parts of you did you learn to love again?
adapted from my book – Lead Your Team To Win.

One thought on “Rekindled love

  1. Dear Mighty One,

    I, too, am moving toward acceptance of who I am as I prepare for what awaits — in the words of Kramer.

    You are more than ‘acceptable’.

    Love, Alan

    Sent from my mobile, Please excuse typos


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