I am what I am

Writing makes my heart sing and really it’s all I want to do. Yet there is no escaping that I am an accountant and at times that’s what I am required to be. There are people who are not interested in this writing thing of mine, they are find comfort in my knowledge of numbers, financial statements and sound business practice.
There used to be a great distance between these two parts of me (the writing and the accounting), and I thought that they could not coexist. With the passage of time and Herculean effort I have reconciled these two parts of me (and their totally different mindsets) until now they compliment each other. I have learned to be grateful for and to honour and respect my accounting background, after all it is part of whom I am. When I am quoted because I am an accountant, my writing self gets a bit of a thrill.
Cleveland-based KeyCorp, which is one of the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately $93.8 billion shares my quote in its Cash and Cost Management Best Practice Guide.

Putting together a strategic cash and cost management plan starts with some self-examination. “Each enterprise needs to determine what is core to its business, and those are the things on which it should focus,” says Maxine Attong, a certified management accountant (CMA) and co-author of Change or Die — The Business Process Improvement Manual (Productivity Press, July 2012). Core areas are usually those that generate the highest levels of income, account for the most resources or expenses, or make the most significant contributions to branding or goodwill. “Any operational area that contributes to each of these three criteria should take the biggest portion of spend,” she says. “The second level of spend should be on areas that directly support these criteria.”

What parts of you need reconciling?


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