In search of a better life

This morning I woke up with South Africa on my mind. I was not thinking about Table Mountain, or Krueger Park, or the great wines or wonderful meals. I was thinking about the slaughter of non South Africans and the violence meted out to immigrants who came to South Africa looking for a better life.
What is this better life that made the Somalian shopkeepers in Johannesburg restart their shops after being firebombed? What is this better life that sets men on fire in the streets? What is this better life that sees thousands willingly seeking protection in refugee camps as they wait to be repatriated? What is the better life that people are now rushing to escape?
What is this thing called a better life? I understand it at its basest level – the need for food, shelter, safety, to more or less know that tomorrow is another day of life and to have hope that these conditions will continue to exist. When these do not exist, or it is understood that they will soon end, then I understand the search for a better life.
For the rest of us, what is the better life?

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