Reboot your career

I have changed jobs many times and am now enjoying my third career. I am unsure if what I do now will be what I am doing in the next 10 years and I am OK with that. There was a time when I felt stuck and frustrated with my career and I had to stop, and reboot my career. Ann Brown liberally quotes some of my thoughts on rebooting careers. If you feel stuck have a read. If you have a friend who feels stuck, please share the article with her/him. You may save a career and you will definitely save a life.
Whether we are in our dream job or just ploughing through a 9-to-5, sometimes we just get plain unmotivated. “This may reflect a flat line in a career due to a lack of new learning opportunities, a lack of developing new skills or a lack of a challenge. A lack of motivation sets in when there is a misalignment between their personal values and those displayed in the wider organization.  When we are at odds with the organizational culture, it is difficult to maintain high levels of motivation,” explains business coach Maxine Attong, author of Lead Your Team To Win


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