Celebrating Others

I know that there are things that you want to do in your life, that you have not done yet and today I want to encourage and support you to get them done. When I want to do something, I find comfort in the stories of people who have done the very thing that I want to do and celebrate their achievements.
To celebrate these people I have to move beyond the knee jerk reaction of being jealous. When I feel jealous I am petulantly saying, “I wanted to do that, and I did not. I am annoyed that someone else got it done, before I did.” Jealousy is a great clue, that tells me to get off my butt and start moving. Sometimes jealousy can be heavy, creating a thick fog that makes it hard to move. Our duty is to cut through the jealousy so that we can blow it away and create a path for movement.
What works for me? I joyously celebrate when others achieve the things that I want. Their success is a positive and tangible sign that my dreams are possible and can be achieved. I say to myself “If they can do it, I can do it as well.” While I celebrate with and for them, I create positive energy that gives me the momentum to move forward. The accolades, the praises that they get, encourage me to do more, since it’s just a matter of time when I will be in that place.
In the spirit of practice, I am inviting you to celebrate three female authors from Trinidad and Tobago. I am wonderfully connected to each of them in different ways and I only have positive feelings of joy for them and their works.
I am also inviting all closet writers (male and female) to feed off the energy that they have created and get your books published.

Akosua Dardaine Edwards- Recently launched her second book “Nyabo (Madam) Why Are You Here?’ Her first book is “What Did I learn Today?”

Carolyn Correira – Her first Book is “ Thinking out Loud” and I know that she is about to launch her second book.

Pauline Cooper – Her first publication “Tell Them” is now out.

Who are you celebrating today?


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