Singaporean Vision

I spent the last two weeks in Singapore marvelling at what singular vision looks like when it is achieved. From the efficient transport system, the well planned skyline to the Park Royal on Pickering which boasts of over 15,000km of vegetation – more space than the hotel occupies, this is a country that made good on its promise.
This is a country that works. Women walk the streets singly or in pairs late at night because there is no crime. There is no graffiti on the city streets and it boasts that there are no homeless.
There is no traffic jam since it is expensive to own a car and there is a tender process to own one. All the cars were shiny and new looking since most people keep cars for 10 years then apply to own a new one.
Most of the housing is high rise buildings and provided by the government since with little land space private housing is extremely expensive.
I met one woman who summed up the experience. She left Singapore many years ago and bought an apartment in Paris. She wanted to be free since Singaporean life was too restrictive for her. She returned to Singapore and opened a boutique with the intention of not stopping for long. Now 15 years later she is still in Singapore, traveling to Paris often to restock the boutique. She said, “I am a single woman. When I am in Paris after dinner I clutch my bag and look for a taxi, here I can walk home. I travel to other countries only if I have company, because it is not always safe. Here, in Singapore I can go anywhere at anytime, I can get a taxi anytime, I can eat any food that I want. If I am ill I can see a doctor. This works, it is good and safe, it’s just the heat.”


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