Back to reality

I love to travel. I like seeing new things, meeting new people and understanding the ways people live around the world.
I also love hotels. I like being in a place where my every need is catered to, even though I have to pay.
Yet with all that, there is an impatience that sets in when I know that its time to start my journey home. I get restless, I long to see my home and to be home. I feel a longing for the place that I left and the things that I know as familiar. I want to plug back into all the things that I left behind.
As I drove home from the airport, I thought about the times when I did not want to return from holiday. The times when I did not like my routine life and when the perfect facade of the hotel life was all I wanted. Those times I dreaded returning home, I did not want to pick up the threads of my work or my relationships and I yearned for another reality. The end of the holiday foretold the coming of more pain.
Last night, I drove home in gratitude, thankful for how much my life changed, deeply aware of the many decisions I had to make and the myriad of things that I had to do differently.
How do you feel about your reality? What are you doing to change it?


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