Infinite Thought and Infinite Wisdom

It’s not the first time that I have been asked the question, “What books do you read?”
I read fiction, I love the work of Commonwealth writers, especially Indian writers. I have read some autobiographies and I read theoretical books when I am learning new skills. In the last two years I have completed one inspirational book. I have picked up few inspirational books over my lifetime, most of which I have not finished.
It’s always a surprise when I say something and the listener responds, “You must have read so and so’s books.” My answer is usually the same, “No I have not.”
The thoughts that I have are mine, they belong to me and if they sound similar to those in inspirational books, it’s coincidental. I am not quoting what I read, I am not sharing the work of others, I am just saying what I think and feel.
It’s not that I am special.
I believe that all wisdom emanates from the same source and all of us have the ability to tap into that source. Some people, like inspirational writers, have practiced tapping into that source and so have increased their ability to tap into this source. As a result they tap into that source more frequently than the rest of us. This does not exclude the rest of us from tapping into the source and having our own thoughts and sharing these with others.
When I am busy I can’t think, when I am in the middle of a crowd or worrying about work or life’s challenges I can’t think. To think I have to be alone and relaxed. I don’t meditate, I am yet to learn that, but when I get quiet, I understand a whole lot.
Our universe is made up of infinite thought and infinite wisdom. We are all of this universe, therefore we all have innate wisdom and can be sources of infinite thought. We all have the potential to be the world’s next inspirational thinker and share these thoughts with others.
What parts of your infinite wisdom do you want to share with us? How do you tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe?


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