Don’t bad mouth your old job

Questions and Answers for an article in the Network Journal. Check out the actual article in the link below.

Is there any case when you should talk bad about an old job?
I don’t believe that one should ever bad talk a job, since “Bad talk” has a negative connotation of ill intentions. Before speaking one should be very clear on their intentions, “Are you saying it because it is true? How do you want to convey the ills of the job? What is the message that you want to convey. “
Your intentions will determine how you covey the message and more importantly how the message is received by the listener.

2. What are the negative ramifications of doing so?
This is a small world after all and no one is certain of the relationships that are in place. The speaker should be careful whom is in her audience before sounding off. Bad talking often gives a one sided view of the situation and the speaker may be seen as not having all the information or not being a strategic thinker. Some of the obvious questions that come to mind when a client is bad talking his/her company are:
“What part did you play in the organization?
What made you stay?
What did you do to change it?

3. What if you are asked for your honest assessment of a company and it really isn’t flattering?

State the truth and be clear of your intention. Use language that is not demeaning even if the situation is negative. Give evidence to what you are saying, state what you have seen and heard and leave the listener to draw conclusions. Instead of saying that managers are unethical – state the evidence, the behaviours that you have seen displayed and how you felt about it and your concerns about the behavior. Stay away from hearsay.

4. If you left a company on bad terms,how do you handle this when asked in a job interview?
When we are hiring we usually call the last place of work to find out how the incumbent left. The interviewee is advised to be honest and state the facts of the matter. The interviewee should not be defensive, this sends the wrong signals. Sate what happened, the things that you did to mitigate the situations and the remedies taken. If the interviewee is not yet at the place where (s)he can calmly speak about the event, look at both sides of the situation and state the mistakes that s/he made then I would advise the interviewee to get help to be neutral about the event before going to interviews.
What are you saying about your old job?


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