Life is good

On Saturday I spent the day with my niece. She had high fever for most of the day and spent most of it in bed, in and out of sleep.
I spent most of the day checking in on her. When the fever was at its highest, I asked, “How are you?” She replied, “A little good.”
When the fever subsided, and I asked “How are you?” she replied, ”A little better.”
As I watched her today I remembered how she described her ill feelings. She never said, “I am ill.” or “I am not feeling well” She described her illness only in the comparatives of good. She was a little good when the fever was at its highest and when it subsided she was a little better.
The more that I thought about it the more I impressed I am by her outlook on life. No wonder she is so happy all the time. Life is good, better, best, a little good, a little better and many times awesome.

What is your life like?


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