My Routine Inside

When I leave Trinidad, I leave my routine behind. I don’t run, I stray from my diet and I barely journal. When I am away from home, I stop doing the things that I regularly do. That worked when traveling was a once a year thing, now I’m not so sure.
When I returned home from my last trip and suffered the pain of the first-in-a-while-run, and did not like the way that my clothes fit, I realized that I was making decisions based on conditions that no longer exist. I was living in my past and needed to step into my present.
As I thought about it, I became aware that my decisions matched my old life and not my new one. My life changed but I did not change. I did not embrace travel as part of the fabric of my life or accepted that it is no longer a special event. I was stuck in the pattern of my old thoughts.
Last week as I planned my next trip, I got a grip of the situation. I determined to take my routine life with me. I will no longer put my routine on pause while I roam and press play when I get home. I commit to keep my life in play each and every moment of each and every day.
My luggage will be heavier and a little bulkier, but I won’t mind – it’s got my routine inside.

What habits no longer match your new life? What are you going to do about it?


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