Enhancing lives

Last week on Linkedin I received several notes congratulating me on the 15 years that I have been “enhancing the lives of people with whom I come into contact.”
I remember exactly where I was when I honed my vision into that tag line. I was sitting in my friend’s studio talking about my frustration with my job. He asked, “What do you like doing?” I said, “I like accounting, but I don’t feel that it makes sense in an organization. The work is so routine that anyone can do it. It’s not helping anyone.” When I said it I realized that I wanted to help people. It was not what I was doing it was how I was doing it.
After that conversation, I registered a company named Enhancement Ink Limited. Shortly after that I made the extreme decision to leave my job and work on my own.
Since then I have been keeping my eye on my vision, seeking out the skills that would allow me to engage others and help them to help themselves. Fifteen years later, I am in a totally different place from where I started. I can’t say that back then – 15 years ago – I knew exactly where I would be today or what “helping people” would look like. What I know is that each step that I took has been guided by that vision of enhancing the lives of others.

What’s your vision? How does it guide your decisions?


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