Working from Home

Several organizations at which I have worked have promoted working from home programs. These companies endorsed this initiative so that staff could have greater flexibility and a better work life balance. Even when written into policy the implementation of these programs were often left in the hands of the managers; therefore its success or failure was often correlated to the belief systems of the managers. Managers who mistrust staff discouraged working from home and those who were more trusting encouraged the initiative.
I have noted that whether managers support work from home programs or not no one ever has a problem when employees take work home.
I myself have never worked from home, since the managers to whom I reported did not see any merit of such a program. My response was never to take work home from the office, I would work as late and as long as I needed to but I kept a tight line between my office and home life.
Now I am rethinking this strategy.
For the last week I have been working from home and experiencing the flexibility that it brings. I have been supporting my Trinidad office and completing tasks from New York and Ohio. For the next two weeks I am unsure what U.S state I will call home, but I am certain that wherever I am I will take my office along.

I now have a different appreciation of what working from home can mean for an organization and how staff can truly be empowered to operate in a manner that is flexible and supports their lifestyles.
I am wondering what it will take to implement a program as this for all staff.

Do you have a work from home program at your company? Can you share some tips with me?

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