Getting a Run in #CrotonaPark

This morning I went for a run in Crotona Park. I have watched that Park for many years thinking how great it will be to run through it and today I finally did it.
It was not easy to get out and run. I planned to leave home at 6 a.m. but I woke up after 7.00 a.m. The house keys could not fit into my pants pocket– there was too much stuff on the key ring and it was a pain to get it off, so I ran with them in my hand. When I started the run I realized that the Nike running app was no longer on my phone. I was disappointed and decided to crank up the music. I turned on SoundCloud yet there was no sound.
I sucked it up and started to run. I started on the smallest of Park areas, then moved to the larger areas. I switched from area to area until I clocked 40 minutes. As I walked to cool off I realized that I was completely lost. Then I saw the local bus and knew exactly where I was. When I got home I realized that another app on the phone had recorded my distance.
Regardless of the size of the achievement , the process for me is more or less the same. I want to do something, I decide to do it, challenges pop up, I push ahead, and get it done. At the end, when I am celebrating the achievement I realize that I received serendipitous assistance.
What’s your process to get things done?


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