Laptops vs Desktops

When I presented a paper on strategy in Jamaica, I showed a picture of an old man using a lap top sitting next to a young boy peering over a large newspaper. The audience laughed until I asked, “Is this happening in your organization?”
This picture reminded me of many organizations that I have worked in – there is often a disparity between the level of technology that managers and staff can access, yet we are all expected to pull our weight in the same way.
Take a walk around your office tomorrow and tell me what you see. Look at what people are working on and tell me what you notice. From large multinationals to small mom and pop operations, there seems to be an unspoken rule – Managers are assigned laptops and staff will be assigned desktops.
Think of the insane benefits that the organization is missing out on because a large majority of our staff are not equipped to work from remote locations. Work stops every time an employee has to wait on the plumber who is never on time, or be at home because the babysitter is ill. What would it be like if all our employees had the option to work remotely?
P.S. I worked at a large multinational where all staff were allowed to “work from home “ one day a month, even though most of the clerical staff worked on desktops.
What disparities exist in your organization?

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