The art of waiting

I have not yet conquered the art of waiting. Waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone to deliver on a promise or waiting for a letter in the mail – it drives me crazy.
Waiting – It shows me up. I am anxious about when it will happen, I get down with the lack of delivery, and sometimes I am frustrated to lethargy.
Today I realized that I have been a state of waiting. I adopted the culture and nuances of waiting, dipping from an old pool without questioning the benefits. Since this enlightenment, I have revoked my visitor’s visa (to that state) and demoted waiting back to its verb status.
With verbs I have choice – to do or not do. It’s an easy choice to make. I am no longer expending energy on waiting. I fully acknowledge that I am not in control and I am o.k with that. I will spend my time doing something else.

Are you waiting or in a state of waiting?

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