Being Quoted

Today I am celebrating being quoted.  It seems that across industries, people are finding relevance in what I am passionate about – creating safe spaces.  I admit that it was strange to see my name pop up on a site called Vinyl Art – The Art of Customized Packaging but it felt pretty normal when I read “One of the most interesting ideas to surface in employee support is to create a safe space at work. Corporate coach Maxine Attong teaches the idea, saying, “In order to take risks, which is the foundation of innovation and subsequent rewards, a team member has to feel safe. ”

It’s great when people understand the safe space concept and share it with their staff and external clients. Gerbig Engineering Company  ( Manufacturers of AIRECELL Cleanrooms) is a company that thrives on innovation. That company seems interested that safe spaces promote innovation “Maxine Attong, a seasoned corporate coach, with an impressive resume, offers a suggestion that may surprise you.  She attributes the level of the employee’s innovative ideas to how safe he or she feels”.

See the articles in the links below

3 Outside-the-Box Ways to Get Innovation from Employees

Maxine Attong is the author of two business books – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead your Team to Win. She is a Keynote Speaker,  Executive Coach, Organisational Development consultant and of course an Accountant.


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