The Magic of Mentoring: Pearls of Wisdom

I met Barbara Perkins three years ago and was immediately attracted to her. She has a warm aura, a beautiful face and helped me through a rough patch. I was pretty pleased when she invited me to write a chapter for her book – The Magic of Mentoring – Pearls of Wisdom. This book is a compilation of stories by some pretty inspirational men and women who share their experiences of being a mentor or being mentored.
I was happy to pitch in. Though I have never formally had a mentor, I was fortunate enough to meet a brilliant and kind man who spent hours chatting to me, whenever he had the time. From my experience with him I was able to write a chapter. Below are the ten tips that I share about being an effective mentor.
I create a safe space for them to enter and confide in me
I present myself as someone who they can trust and retain this trust by being confidential
I listen to them and ask them questions to bring them to awareness
I do not judge whatever they are saying
I ask, “What is your role in the story you shared?”
I do not take responsibility for the interaction. They call me, and I am available
I ensure that they feel seen and heard at the meetings
I am genuinely interested in their growth and development
I am open to long term relationships with them. (They can come and go as the please)
I explicitly give them permission to discuss personal or work issues when we meet.

Pick up a copy of Pearl of Wisdom today. It’s available on Amazon.


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