Living in states

I live a simple life. I exist in two states – I can write or I cannot write.
If I am sad I write, if I am happy I write, if I am angry I write and so on and so on. Regardless of the emotion, how ugly or how beautiful, I can place my fingers on the keyboard and let it all hang out. The emotions are a definite, they mean that I have checked in and know how I feel. I have come to terms with a situation, an issue or whatever life has thrown my way and I have established how it makes me feel.
But when I am confused I cannot write. The uncertainty stumps me, I cannot feel and so I dither. My words get stuck; they lack confidence and want to dress up for the audience, to appear prettier than they are, they want things to be OK when they are not.
I exist in a state of knowing or a state of uncertainty, a state of confidence or a state of fear, a place of doing me or giving appearances. I either can or cannot write.

What states do you exist in?

Maxine Attong is the author of two business books – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead your Team to Win. She is a speaker, coach, Organisational Development consultant and of course an accountant.


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