3 Books for Small business owners

The Small Business Forum on Web.com lists Lead Your Team To Win as one of the three books that small business owners should read. I write to share knowledge and I am thrilled for anyone who finds value in what I share. See what other books made the list.

“As a business coach Maxine Attong has seen her share of dysfunctional business situations. Her solution for a lot of them: Create a “safe space” where trust rules.
In this safe space there’s an “empathetic leader willing to listen” to his or her employees, and all team members are willing to help one another. Attong maintains that when they’re in this type of space, employees feel safe to take risks, make decisions and devote their best efforts to getting the job done.
Attong says a safe space is like Vegas—what happens there stays there—so employees can vent, emote, think, plan and take risks, all without fear of being judged.”

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