I had a great fall

As I do most Sundays, I went for a run. It was a short three-mile run that I have done tonnes of time. It’s a path that I like, a road along a golf course with some bamboo and other large trees.

I just completed mile two and I was thinking to myself, “The third mile is going to be easy”. Suddenly my foot was trapped in a bamboo branch and I went tumbling down. I fell.  I could not believe that I fell.  My right elbow was bleeding, the right side of my tights was torn just above the knees, blood was on my tights, and my little finger on my left hand was throbbing.

A driver stopped and asked, “Are you okay? I saw you fall.” He made some small talk, without exiting his vehicle, until I thanked him for his assistance and then he drove off. I slowly got up, to walk the third mile.  My running mate, met up with me, and wanted to walk with me.  I encouraged her to complete the run.  When I got near to the finish she was on her way walking back to me.

When I got home, I started to ice, still in shock that I fell.

The more that I thought about it, the more aware I became that the fall had great significance for me. It brought some reminders to prepare me for what lays ahead.

  1. Pay attention – even if you are on a familiar path
  2. When you fall, get up and keep going
  3. It’s not how quickly you finish, it’s that you finish
  4. Don’t keep others back because you have a problem
  5. Sometimes it’s better to go around an obstacle than to go through it
  6. Even familiar paths have pitfalls
  7. When others pursue their agenda it does not mean that they don’t care
  8. Not every one who stops, can/is going to help
  9. Only you can finish your race
  10. It’s OK to change your strategy mid-race.

( Life was coming at me too fast October – December 2015, so I took a blog – break. For those who don’t know  I’m thinking about my third book)


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