Protect your vision

Feedback from CK – Protecting your vision resonated with me,

Ever watch something grow? Think of a foetus in its mother’s womb, or a caterpillar in its cocoon, or a seed that is buried below the warm earth.  These things take shape in the dark, with no light, away from prying eyes.  In the dark they feed and receive the care they need to grow until they are ready – the baby is born, the butterfly emerges and the first seedling sprouts above the ground.

This miraculous process of creation is repeated daily for us to learn from it.

Your vision is your baby, crafted in your heart, brought to fruition in your mind and it needs nurturing and darkness to grow. The first trimester of a pregnancy is fragile, the cocoon hangs precariously from the bottom of a leaf, and many planted seeds never grow. Give your vision a chance to grow in the dark.  Let it roll around the recesses of your mind, let it resonate in your heart and check that it makes your heart sing. Give it the love it needs to grow and when it is ready to emerge it will.

Just as a baby who emerges before its full term can be in a precarious position, so too with your unformed Vision.  Putting it out there before you are fully confident about it, may leave it gasping for breath and you may never be able to resuscitate it.

Figuring out your vision is an exciting moment. When I knew that my Vision was to “enhance the lives of others” I felt energised and I wanted to tell everyone. After the first barrage of questions, I froze because I had no idea how to bring my vision to fruition. That made me feel like a fraud because while the words sounded good I had no action to back it up. I had to listen to my heart, dig deep to reboot my confidence that this vision was for me.  I then spent time understanding how to translate my vision to action … and that took some doing.

Your vision is important, its what you were put here to do, protect it, grow it, nurture it until you are confident that it can face the elements around you.

You know the people around you – the ones who can care a small baby, the ones who will not tamper with the cocoon and the ones who would wet and fertilise the planted seed..  These are the people who you can risk sharing the vision with before it is fully formed – and it is a risk.

The job of protecting your vision is not done when it is fully formed, or when it is  shared with those around you. The seedling and the baby both need care to come to fruition. Your vision will be challenged through out the course of your life.  Events, self doubt, priorities, finances, children. relationships, health and other issues  may threaten your vision at any point in time.  Your job – protect it at all costs.

How would you protect your vision?

Maxine Attong is the author of two business books – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead your Team to Win. She is a Keynote Speaker,  Executive Coach, Organisational Development consultant and of course an Accountant.

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