Vision – This is how we do it

I’ve been having the vision conversation, and not everyone gets it. The audience wanted to know “How is my vision “to enhance the lives of people with whom I make contact’ expressed in what I do on a daily basis?” and “How do the 10 steps help me achieve vision?” I was challenged to give a real example that they could follow.

I explained that when I think of my vision in its entirety, it is BIG, so I don’t.  I use it as a guide for the actions that I take and then focus on the actions. Writing books, coaching, and working with teams and work groups are how I live my vision.

Since I decided to write my third book, I can use this decision to explain how the 10 steps apply.

  1. Chunk it down – When I’m writing I don’t think about my vision – I checked that the book’s theme is aligned to my vision before deciding to write. When I write  I focus on the theme. I don’t think of the whole book – that’s too much –  I write one word, one page , one chapter at a time. .
  2. Acknowledge your fear – Writing a book is daunting, with lots of questions. “Is the topic relevant?” “Will the book sell?” In  the middle of writing I may find my idea mundane or I procastinate to write. I know that the questions and the hesitation are expressions of fear – my fear of not being good enough or that my writing or thinking is not sophisticated enough.  Once I admit that I’m afraid and the source of my fear it’s easier  to move on.
  3. Stand in your love ones’ shoes  – When I’m writing I go into a zone that only has space for one and there is no map for others to follow. My social patterns also change and I rearrange my schedule to literally create time to write. I remind the people in my life that I have not lost interest my – interest is temporarily displaced. Sometimes they are not convinced, and that’s on me.
  4. Use your discretion – I have different circles of friends, each with different belief systems. There are those who have a deep belief in the possibility of the impossible and there are others who need to touch and feel to believe. In the formative stages I share with the first group.
  5. Protect your vision – Now that my book is just an idea I don’t share.  I leave it to gestate in the dark of my mind, until it tells me that its ready to emerge. I don’t force it, I trust that it’s doing what it must and when it is ready it will emerge
  6. Remember your past – I use the tips and tricks that I used when writing my first two books.  I will do the things that worked and dump the things that did not.
  7. You are not a mover/ shaker – While I don’t generally have this problem I employ the help of a coach when I get stuck.
  8. Steel yourself – It’s going to be a long 6 months or more between now and publishing the book. Unfortunately the world does not stop and I have to fulfil all my usual obligations. I’m going to change my sleeping patterns, my weekend routine and lots of other bits of my life to achieve this. I don’t worry about it it, it’s what I want to do. Come hell or high water it’s what  I’m going to do.
  9. Call on your Higher Power -.I believe in God. I set my intention to complete the book, ask for his guidance and have faith that this is aligned to his plan for me. Each day I show up and do my part.
  10. Get a coach –  I have a mentor, with whom I discuss my books in detail. He is my sounding board and gives me great feedback. When I get stuck I call my coach and get a session so I can move again.

I hope this example helps you understand how to apply the 10 tips.  If you have any other questions, send me a note.

Maxine Attong is the author of two business books – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead your Team to Win. She is a speaker, coach, Organisational Development consultant and of course an accountant.


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