4 Questions on Change

Last week’s blog on change management struck a chord with a number of people.  They emailed the questions that resonated most with them while others asked for clarification on some of the questions. Today, I am sharing my answers so that readers can gain perspective on the questions and be motivated to answer ( for themselves).

3.How do I center myself when stuff hits the fan? When stuff hits the fan I get very quiet and I rest.  I lay low, make no decisions and wait until I understand what is happening and the level of damage it generated.  While I want to clean up the stuff, I know that I can’t  unless I understand exactly what is happening. So I slow down, pay attention and rest. When I understand what is going on I have energy to deal with the stuff and clean the fan.

9. How can I maintain focus? My vision allows me to maintain focus. I use it to determine if I will take an action or I use it to make a decision. I ask myself “Does this serve my purpose?” If the answer is “Yes”, then I do it. If the answer is “No” then I don’t do it.

13. What am I holding on to ( that prevents the change from being an opportunity)? When I think of what I have and I place a high value on what I have I cannot see beyond what I have. When I think in a limited way that I will lose what I have because of an impending change then I only see disaster, I cannot see an opportunity.

14. What do I need to let go of (to embrace the change)? I need to let go of all my assumptions about how my life should be, what it should look like and what I must do. I have to unlearn all concepts of success and be willing to let go of all my achievements and the things that I have done. I must be willing to let go of my past and stay open to the new and the unknown. I have to be willing to have faith and trust and keep on going.

Having the answer it just the beginning, I actively remind myself of these answers on a daily basis. In this moment of change I keep it simple, I breathe deeply and live in each moment.

What are your answers to these four questions?

Maxine Attong is the author of two business books – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead your Team to Win. She is a speaker, coach, Organisational Development consultant and of course an accountant.

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