The other side of change

Today as I downloaded pictures from my phone to my laptop, I was faced with my year in review. 2016 has been a watershed year for me – a year of upheaval, a year of change, a year of faith, a year of self-belief and a year of broken promises.

I’ve been through the emotions associated with grief as I dealt with the change– that was not of my own making – and I can testify that it’s not easy.

I’ve been looking at myself, being sad, feeling angry, throwing confetti at the pity party and I did not recognize myself.  My rational mind found my behavior incongruent with the logic of the situation – I understood and agreed with the reasons for the change and yet I was in pain.  The mind tried its best to console me with all the clichés and euphemisms – “this is temporary, it’s for the better, you still have health and strength” – and none of it worked

My body and soul were in the midst of a deep grief…wallowing.

Four months later all parts are reconciled and all parts have accepted the change.

As I looked at the pictures, and reminisced over my experience, these are the things I can share:

·         Change is painful. There is no magic pill, there is no distraction that lasts long enough and numbness wears off. There is no choice you have to go through the pain.

·         Sitting still and doing nothing is an essential activity  during times of change

·         Talk to people whom you trust about the change and be quiet with all others

·         You can function effectively while grieving, once you honor your need to rest

·         Self-belief is a great antidote for change

Now I am grateful that I have gone through the pain and  am on the other side of  change. Sure there will be residual effects, but I am resilient and I have all that I need to go again.

How do you manage change?

(If you need help to manage change- business or personal – visit my website  and drop me a line)

Maxine Attong is the author of two business books – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead your Team to Win. She is a speaker, coach, Organisational Development consultant and of course an accountant.


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