Being of Service

I enthusiastically picked  up the phone because one of my favorite persons was on the other end. Uncharacteristically, she sounded hesitant. “Maxine” she started. “I need a favor. HRMATT needs a strategic session and we need a facilitator.” (Human Resources Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago)
I did not hesitate to respond, “Yes, I will do it.”
Then she said. “We cannot pay you. And the session will be held on a Saturday.”
This did not change my decision.

I have been flirting with HRMATT for a couple of years. I have said Yes to HRMATT when I edited articles for its magazine – HRMatters, or when I wrote articles for said magazine, or when I spoke at the last two biennial conferences. Now I finally had a date.

That Saturday I met with the HRMATT”S executive team and facilitated the strategic session. It was a Workshop and these leaders worked. They brainstormed. questioned, championed, resisted, discussed, disagreed and agreed until they landed on some mutually agreed points that they hammered out into strategic statements.

Six months later I attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and I was nominated for President. A few minutes after, I was elected to serve as President.

I had no plans of being elected to HRMATT’s executive team. In the moment when nominated I intended to serve and as I had done before, I said Yes.  I can only conclude

  • There is no big or small act of service – they are all equally weighted
  • Saying Yes is powerful and sends waves through the Universe
  • When we show up in service, we too are served.

Will you join me in service?
I cannot promise where it will take you, but I can promise that if you don’t take the first step, you will never know.

What are you not saying Yes to? Where can you be of service?

Maxine Attong is an Organizational Development Consultant and author.  If you found value in the post, please share with your colleagues and friends.

4 thoughts on “Being of Service

  1. I am saying yes to service at my place of employment on a daily basis as well as saying yes to service to my wider community of friends and family and sometimes strangers. There is a biblical say that “there is more happiness in giving than in receiving”. This is absolutely true because as you serve others you are also serving yourself in ways you may yet exercise. Additionally as an old adage goes “today for me tomorrow for you”. This implies that since we do not live in a vacuum and are all codependent on each other, while today your service will help other on another day you may require the service of another. Therefore whenever we get the chance t give service big or small, let take it wholeheartedly and wait to see the ways it will benefit us now and in the future.


  2. Congratulations Maxine! Welcome to the HRMATT the leadership Team. I welcome you as one of the Founders of HRMATT who served along with my Founding colleagues for many years and laid the HRMATT foundation. I look forward to great things under your leadership. Blessings to you and your Executive Team as you take HRMATT to new levels. Warmly,Maxine Barnett.


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