Wear a Good Bra

Two days before the book launch and I am slowly getting excited.
Tomorrow morning I will appear on a local morning talk show on – CNC 3 Morning Program to talk about my new book – Lead Your Team To Win. I have never been on TV before so I really am uncertain how this will play out. I asked my friend Akosua who is also an author, for some tips, since she has done several interviews. Her advice,“ Wear a good bra and non shiny makeup. Show up as yourself.”
It’s too late to go shopping for a new bra or matte makeup so I will make do with what I have. I will definitely show up,and talk about the book and my experiences while writing it and putting it out in the world. I will tell the truth even if I look dumb saying it and I will represent Maxine Attong the best way that I know how.
The truth is that I have been working this way for years. I have been leading teams, helping people rediscover what they want and who they are for the last 14 years. When I set my personal vision of “enhancing the lives of people with whom I make contact” it was necessary for me to recalibrate myself, retool my skills and set a new vision of how I wanted to work and what I wanted to do on a daily basis. I am not expecting that 5 minutes of TV will tell people who I am, I am expecting that 5 minutes of TV will put my voice into the air and just say to people who don’t know me that it’s all possible and that it begins with each and every one of us. We got the Power.

Have you ever been on TV? Send me you best tips please.


Book Launch Yes Again – Blog 95

Today the library called and gave the available dates for the book launch.  I chose November 18th 2014 as the date for the launch.

This book launch will benefit from the lessons learned when hosting the book launch for Change or Die ( first book).

Hence the reason that we are hosting the book launch in conjunction with the National Library.  The library has the media in hand and when the library calls the media appears.

Other than that we are using the same approach that was used for the last launch and of course all are invited.

The book launch for Lead Your Team To Win is on November 18th, 2014 from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Eastern Time.

What to expect at the book launch?

  • A cocktail hour – some of the finest reds and whites will be served as well as some hors d’oeuvres.  If you do not drink alcohol there are drinks for you as well.
  • A well respected member of the International Labour Organization (ILO), will be giving the feature address.
  • I will be chatting about the book and answering all questions about the book.
  • Free giveaways of the book
  • Book signing by the author
  • Books will be on sale
  • An opportunity to network with people who are interested in the book.

You won’t be able to attend?  Don’t worry we will be streaming as a webinar so that you can see and hear it all.

What will you be doing on November 18th, 2014?

Regional Connections – Blog 84

Today I am in Barbados, resting after a full day.
I spent the day facilitating a strategic session with a team of managers. It was great to support the team as they bravely looked into the mirror and saw themselves as they were. Whether they liked the images or not I admired their bravery and acceptance of the work that they needed to do.
I was also lucky enough to be interviewed by Barbados Today about Lead Your Team To Win. The young interviewer was astute in his line of questioning. He seemed to be quite passionate about his work and generally happy to be doing what he did. At the end of the interview I commented that it was obvious how much he loved his job and he concurred.
When I got to the hotel I received an email from a Jamaican woman who has been emailing me since May this year about training on Change or Die – The Process Improvement Manual. I sent her the flyer for the October 2014 training session and she promptly followed up with registration.
I am just thinking of what a great day I had and the number of people that I connected with from different Caribbean countries on this one day. I am thinking of how to extrapolate the experience and to have more contact with people all over the region. Something new to think about.

What are you thinking about? What connections do you want to increase?

Getting to nth – Blog 76

I launched my book – Lead Your Team To Win – last Friday with a webinar. I sold books to the local bookstore and I started a rounds of media interviews.  I spoke to my publicist today and she is gearing up for more promotions in 2015 and more publicity and book launches.

At work I am getting ready to facilitate strategic sessions in Barbados, Jamaica, Grenada and Trinidad.  Each session takes the utmost in planning, ensuring that I have the right blend of activities so that participants stay attentive during the sessions.  I am highly conscious of how the knowledge that I have acquired in 2014 takes its place in my ever growing toolkit.

At home, I met with the decorators as we decided what colour best suits the walls and the order of jobs that would take us to the end of the year.  I know full well that this work will spill over into the 2015 New Year.

At some point in time I would like to be over everything.  I would like to be at a nth position with the book.  This is where the whole world knows about Lead Your Team To Win and every conference organiser calls on me to speak.  At nth, people sign up in droves for my one day seminars and my webinar attendants are at maximum capacity.  I will spend every working hour facilitating the development of the safe space and coaching leaders how to do it.

Then I will no longer be doing strategic sessions because I just would not have the time.

My house will be reflective of the vision that I have for it in my head with all the marvelous counter tops, exquisite fabrics and gorgeously painted walls.  I will walk into wonder everyday since everything will be exactly as I see it in my mind’s vivid imagination.

Today I am a long way away from the nth, but it’s great to have a target, something that I am moving towards.  In reality I know that some of it will not happen exactly the way that I dream it.  The reality is that two years from now when I write my third book I may be interested in coaching and facilitating a totally different skills-set. My present job can morph into something totally unexpected and the facilitation of strategic sessions can be outsourced.  I may just wake up one morning and want my walls in a different colour.

I love dreams because they are free and keep me buoyant as I float from one state of wonder to another.  I don’t have to stay with any one experience, I can glean what I can from it before moving on.

Dreams are fickle, they are not constant like my personal vision.  Therefore I do not to hold on to them for too long but let them go to the Universe so that she can have her final say in the outcome. Then whatever I get I graciously receive and joyously celebrate.

Here’s to never getting to nth, because then what?

What are you dreaming about now?

5 Stars for #LeadYourTeamToWin – Blog 74

Transformation Starts From the Inside Out, October 4, 2014

This review is from: Lead Your Team to Win (Paperback)

As a coach who works who clients in many different dynamics, I experience some leaders of organizations pay “lip” service to their missions and visions. Admittedly leaders are under pressure from different directions and it’s easy to lose themselves. That is why anyone who manages people would benefit from reading this highly-conscious book. It will cause them to reflect on their ability to develop trust and also to question their motives.

Energy Leadership, Copyright 2008, by Bruce Schneider reveals that in the majority of companies, the attitude is “I win and you lose.” Other leadership books tell their readers to “be paranoid.”

Lead Your Team to Win shares how a leader can create a culture of “we all win or we do not play.” It requires trust and honesty from the top down and the bottom up. It is a visionary book that may be ahead of it’s time for average companies and average leaders. However, the leaders who want to create a culture where employees take responsibility and want to come to work and contribute at high levels will benefit from this book.

Feedback Is a Gift – Blog 73

A friend of mine always says “Feedback is a gift”.  This means that she has made a choice about her approach to how she receives feedback – good or bad.  She can choose what she does with the feedback, she can keep it and use it, she can treasure it, she can store it for future use or she can dump it.  I have learned to value this phrase of hers and to put a positive spin on feedback.

I am still getting feedback from the webinar.  Old friends, former colleagues and people I did not know formed a ring around me on Friday and lifted me as I spoke about my book.  They stayed with me for most of an hour sharing my success and pushing me onwards.  I have received the gifts of their presence and their support, and most importantly the gift of feedback which I treasure and share with you.

“Boy Maxine,  I have to tell you, I was so happy to be a part of this insightful offering.  Just yesterday, myself and a colleague were having a conversation about some of the issues that were highlighted in the presentation.  The webinar has certainly whet my appetite and I am so looking forward to reading the book and being even more inspired to take my career to another level.”

“Thanks for sharing your journey and giving others the opportunity to think about their own possibilities. I got the sense that you shared your heart and it’s for real!”

“It’s done,  And I thought it went so well and you were clear.  Well done, my friend.”

“You sounded great – fantastic presence!!”

“I hope you have great success with building your audience”

“Congratulations Maxine!  This was a well managed event, and a pleasure to be invited to be a panelist!”

“Congratulations, Maxine. It was really, really good.”

“You did it!!!! Congratulations – you are launched! “

Webinar Was Well Supported – Blog 72

The webinar was a grand slam.  55 persons attended and there was great participation from the audience.  I felt truly supported throughout the process by the invited panelists who all followed the agenda and brought wonderful content to the table.  Connie Kadansky was the moderator while Dr Steve Broe, Michael Randel and Leah De Souza were the panellists.

At my job, a group of 20 people set up the conference room so that they could share in the webinar together during their lunch hour.  It seemed that they were very thrilled by the experience and I could literally feel their energy coming over the internet.

After the webinar, I received congratulatory emails, lovely visits and long chats from the people at work.  As if this was not enough, 100 copies of Lead Your Team To Win were delivered at the office.  More excitement. My team members all gathered around as I cut open one box and took out the book.  Six pairs of hands reached out to touch and feel the book as they opened and pressed their noses into the book to take in its scent.

It was so exciting to share the moment with a group of people.  It was so good to be around well wishers and to be cheered on by them.  It was so wonderful to be supported in a moment of joy and to see the joy float and touch the people around me.  It was a reminder of how connected we all are, how we are all powerful enough to change a circumstance, to offer up an alternative and to present a powerful contradiction.

Friday October 3rd was a memorable day for me.  It was the day that I launched my book Lead Your Team To Win.  It was the day that I declared how I created a safe space to work with my team and to lead my team to huge wins in the office. It was a day that I felt truly supported by my colleagues and that is a feeling that I will remember forever.

When did you feel supported by your colleagues?

Preparation is Tiring – Blog 71

I spent the week preparing for the webinar, learning how to use the software and getting loads of tips from the panelists and the publicists.  Last night after the final run through I made it home and fell asleep.  I didn’t plan to do much but I still needed to send out some emails and to makes some final touches to what I am going to present today.  All plans went poof as my body said “Enough” and shut down.

I don’t fight the body when it cries “Uncle” for then it rebels with illness or I get mediocre results.  So I followed its lead and went to bed.  This morning I am up early and going to do the few things that were to be done last night this morning.

Join me today at noon Eastern as I discuss my new book – Lead Your Team To Win.  Click on the link to register.


The Universe Supports Me – Blog 70

Yesterday I asked for help and today I received it.  I sent out a call asking people to repost the notices for my seminar – Secrets of Leaders – which serves to launch my new book “Lead Your Team To Win” on their various social media platforms and I have seen the results.  I am very happy, grateful and excited for all the help that I have received and now with one day to go before the launch I am again requesting your generosity and support.  Please tweet or post on Facebook or any of your social media platforms any of the below.  Huge thanks!

My friend @maxineattong has written a powerful book about creating a #SafeSpace at work. Learn more at this webinar. http://bit.ly/LeadYourTeamWebinar

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Can you help me?