Return to Running

Today, three months after my injury and remedial therapy, I ran. It was the first time since November, that I strapped on a pair of running shoes and it felt great. I was tentative when I started, I was fearful as I waited for the first bit of pain from my tibia. I was careful about how I ran, ensuring that I paid attention to the mechanics of the run. I was observant of what was in front of me so that I could avoid all potholes and obstacles in my way.
As I ran, I enjoyed the feeling of moving, and having my mind clear as I became focussed on finishing the run. I missed being around other runners, I missed the camaraderie as we encourage each other on, often by our mere presence.
At the end of today’s session I knew that I am back to running. I will continue to do the stretches and exercises that the sports therapist shared with me. I will continue to learn more about the mechanics of running and practice what I learn. New challenge for me and I am looking forward to it.

What activities that you enjoy have you stopped doing? Do you want to reclaim it? IF yes, then write me a note.