God in the work I do

Feedback from KF  “I enjoyed reading your ten tips and am very happy to see the commitment to ensuring that your spirituality is not separate . Very inspirational.”

This comment resonated deeply with me. When I’m speaking in general terms I replace the word God with Higher Power or the Universe to be inclusive and acknowledge that readers have different points of reference and beliefs.  When I speak of myself and my belief, then I use the word God, because that’s what I believe.
A few years ago, I would not have used the word God. It has taken a whole lot of bravery and some self talk to write the word, and in doing so make the declaration. It is not that I am by any means religious. I know a handful of prayers, even fewer biblical quotes and I don’t regularly attend church services. Yet I truly believe in God.
There was a time I thought that to talk about God while talking business was taboo, a bit bush and plain unscientific. As an accountant, I worked with numbers – numbers have no mystery, they are not fickle, the answer is always certain without any doubt. They are tangible evidence of decisions made and actions taken, and I could control the bottom line.  I would discourage any God talk, reject all chain letters and quickly exit the room when vocal religious or bible quoting persons entered the room.
As I developed my life’s vision and my orientation shifted to people, I saw a change in my belief system.

How can I enhance the lives of others if I do not believe in something bigger, more powerful than I?

How can I help people achieve their dreams if I don’t trust that there is an endless supply for all of us?

How can I assist others to trust their innate intelligence and creativity if I don’t have faith in love?

In working with people I have learnt a deep appreciation for the good and intangible being that provides the energy and wisdom for me to do the work that I do – and that for me is God.
And so with this new belief, I’ve learnt to listen to clients with my heart, to feel in my body what they feel, to follow their spirits as they soar and as they dip and to be honest and kind when giving feedback. This is not magic, this comes from me knowing and acknowledging  that I am not in control, that there is more to life than what I can see and feel, that there is a power that loves me, fuels me and gives me all that I need.

How do you see God/ Higher Power/ Universe in the work that you do? #Godworks

P.S. I still reject chain letters, avoid bible quoters and don’t enter into God talks that don’t celebrate the humanity of and in others

Maxine Attong is the author of two business books – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead your Team to Win. She is a speaker, coach, Organisational Development consultant and of course an accountant.


Infinite Thought and Infinite Wisdom

It’s not the first time that I have been asked the question, “What books do you read?”
I read fiction, I love the work of Commonwealth writers, especially Indian writers. I have read some autobiographies and I read theoretical books when I am learning new skills. In the last two years I have completed one inspirational book. I have picked up few inspirational books over my lifetime, most of which I have not finished.
It’s always a surprise when I say something and the listener responds, “You must have read so and so’s books.” My answer is usually the same, “No I have not.”
The thoughts that I have are mine, they belong to me and if they sound similar to those in inspirational books, it’s coincidental. I am not quoting what I read, I am not sharing the work of others, I am just saying what I think and feel.
It’s not that I am special.
I believe that all wisdom emanates from the same source and all of us have the ability to tap into that source. Some people, like inspirational writers, have practiced tapping into that source and so have increased their ability to tap into this source. As a result they tap into that source more frequently than the rest of us. This does not exclude the rest of us from tapping into the source and having our own thoughts and sharing these with others.
When I am busy I can’t think, when I am in the middle of a crowd or worrying about work or life’s challenges I can’t think. To think I have to be alone and relaxed. I don’t meditate, I am yet to learn that, but when I get quiet, I understand a whole lot.
Our universe is made up of infinite thought and infinite wisdom. We are all of this universe, therefore we all have innate wisdom and can be sources of infinite thought. We all have the potential to be the world’s next inspirational thinker and share these thoughts with others.
What parts of your infinite wisdom do you want to share with us? How do you tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe?

As I Am Created – Blog 90

I spent the last hour of yesterday watching the sun set. It was just me standing on Grand Anse beach, hearing the waves, the occasional bird call, spending the last of the day with the sky as it displayed its color.
As I watched, I wondered, “Where was all that fuss coming from yesterday? What did I really want to control?” As I stood on the beach marveling at the sunset, I relented, I am human and I crave control. I want to matter, I want to make a splash like the last wave that rolled in, I want to flash brilliant colour across the sky so that everyone can be amazed by my splendor. I want to show up everyday as magnificent. I want to be like the amazing Universe, and sadly at times when i struggle to control I am really competing with it.

As soon as I said it I knew the truth. I was not created to control, hence the reason that notion increases my anxiety. I was created to be as I am. I am graced with a purpose. There is no need to wonder if I matter, because I already do. I don’t have to flash color, I enhance whatever I touch. I don’t need to astonish anyone I was created amazing. There is nothing that I can do that will make me more than I am.
As I stood before the wonder of the sunset on the vastness of the beach I knew it all.
No need to be in control, I am all that I need, I have all that I need and the universe has provided everything just for me.
The trick is to remember.

What were you created to be?